Mortgage Rates

Looking for a low mortgage rate? Look no further! Here, you can compare all our mortgage rates, all in one place, organized by type of mortgage and term.

Prime Rate (Rates effective 2020-04-01)
Prime Rate 2.45%
Open (Rates effective 2020-11-02)
1 Year 5.69%
Fixed-Closed (Rates effective 2020-11-02)
6 Month 4.50%
1 Year 2.19%
2 Year 2.19%
3 Year
4 Year 2.19%
5 Year 2.19%
Closed Floating Capped Rate
5 Year (capped at 6.000%) Prime + 0.00%

Mortgage calculator

Our Mortgage Calculators will help you see what your payments would be!

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