Account Rates

We pride ourselves on offering you the best interest rate we possibly can, so you can save money faster. Browse our full selection of savings and chequing accounts by rate. And for a full description of the benefits of each account, please visit our Personal, Business or Agriculture Account sections. 

Rates effective 2022-09-26 

Elite Spending Account
Balances less than $5,000 0.00%
Balances of $5,000 to $24,999.99 0.05%
Balances larger than $25,000 0.10%
Everyday Savings 0.15%
Edge Savings 0.25%
Enrich High-Interest Savings 1.00%
Tax Free Savings Account 0.30%
AgriInvest Account 0.85%
Explore U.S. Savings of balances larger than $5,000 0.05%
Business Enterprise Savings

Rates are subject to change without notice. 

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