US Explore Spending Account
If you’re a snowbird who spends a lot of time in the US or plan to write the occasional US cheque, then our Explore US Spending Account is ideal for you. It’s a US currency account, so there’s no need to worry about the exchange rate. Plus, you get free access to digital banking, eStatements, alerts and more.

Key Features


  • Account Fees: The account fee is $5 USD per month.
  • eStatements: Electronic statements are free and accessible through digital banking. If you prefer paper statements, it costs $2 USD per month.
  • Free Deposits: It’s always free to deposit money using our mobile app, ATMs, Interac e-Transfer® or in-branch. 
  • US Funds: This account is in US currency so there’s no need to worry about the exchange rate.
  • Deposit Guarantee: The deposits of Encompass Credit Union members are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation and the Province of Alberta.

Account Details

  • Account Fee: $5 USD / month
  • Minimum Monthly Balance: N/A
  • # of Free Debits / Month: N/A
  • Per Item Debit Fee: $1.00 USD
  • Paper Statement: $2.00 USD / month
  • In-Branch Deposits: Unlimited; No charge
  • Deposit (any Canadian credit union): N/A
  • Inquiry (any Canadian credit union): N/A
  • Bill Payments (any Canadian credit union): N/A
  • Transfer (any Canadian credit union): N/A
  • Withdrawal (any Canadian credit union): N/A
  • Withdrawal (other Canadian financial institution): N/A
  • Withdrawal (international): N/A
  • AFT (Automated Funds Transfer): $1.00 USD
  • Cheque: $1.00 USD / Cheque
  • Direct Payment / Point of Sale Purchase: N/A
  • In-Branch Cash Withdrawal or Transfer: $1.00 USD
  • In-Branch Bill Payment: N/A
  • Online Bill Payments: N/A
  • Inquiries: Unlimited; No charge
  • Loan Payments: N/A
  • Transfers (Immediate, Scheduled, Recurring): N/A
  • Receive Interac e-Transfer®: N/A
  • Send Interac e-Transfer®: N/A
  • View Images of Cleared Cheques: Unlimited; No charge
  • eStatements: Unlimited; No charge
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