Welcome to Encompass Credit Union

Encompass Credit Union was founded right here in Alberta, and we’re proud to provide leading financial services to the families, communities and businesses who call it home. We serve Alberta residents only, as we are provincially regulated. 
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Daily Banking
Spending or Savings Accounts, we have options to suit your lifestyle!
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We can help you buy a new home, and make your homeownership dreams come true!
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Need a car loan, or a line of credit? We may be able to help you out!
Cashback credit card
Credit Cards
We have a suite of Visa and Mastercards from a low-rate Cashback Mastercard to a Visa Infinite Business.
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Earn interest with a Term Deposit (GIC), TFSA or RSP!
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Need expert advice for your financial future? PlanWright Financial is here for you!
Call for Nominations
Board members set the direction for the credit union and makes sure it fulfills its mandate. The term of office is three years. 
Nominate a member in good standing to be a Board Member for Encompass Credit Union. Deadline for nomination for 2022 is December 10, 2021. 

Bad Passwords cause 80% of cybersecurity issues

With cybersecurity incidents that have taken place recently due to lost or stolen credentials, it is a great time to be reminded why passwords and password security is still an important step in cyber security.

Join Encompass Credit Union. Enjoy these rates every day.

5-year fixed mortgage

Interest Rate

5-year fixed GIC

Interest Rate

TFSA 5 year

Interest Rate

*Rates subject to change.
Aura Card

Meet Aura Loyalty, the member card with benefits.

If you don't have a credit card, but want the flexibility of online purchases, Aura is here to help. The card is issued instantly within the Aura app so you don't need to wait for your physical plastic before starting to spend. Simply load your virtual card onto Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Fitbit Pay and start to spend.

Limited time offer - 5.9% Balance Transfer

5.9% balance transfer
Balance Transfer 5.9%
Receive a special 5.9% Balance Transfer promo rate for 6 months when you transfer balances to any of your consumer or business cards, except the US Dollar card.
No Transfer fees!
Balance transfers must be $500 at minimum; multiple transfers are allowed.

Service Status

Digital banking
Mobile Banking app
Interac e-Transfers
Member Card/ATMs
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