Business Explore US Savings Account
Our Business Explore US Savings Account lets you to earn interest on US dollar balances over $5,000 with no monthly fee.

If you do business in the States or transact in US funds, our Business Explore US Savings Account just makes sense. It allows you to save your US currency, so you aren’t at the mercy of current exchange rates. Plus, you’ll earn interest on balances over $5,000 with no monthly fee. 

Key Features


  • Account Fees: This account has no monthly fee and includes 2 free transactions.
  • Earn Interest: Earn interest daily on balances over $5,000 US. View interest rates
  • eStatements: Electronic statements are free and accessible through digital banking. If you prefer paper statements, there is no extra cost.
  • Free Deposits: It’s always free to deposit money using our mobile app, ATMs, Interac e-Transfer® or in-branch. 
  • US Funds: This account is in US currency so there’s no need to worry about the exchange rate.
  • Deposit Guarantee: The deposits of Encompass Credit Union members are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporationand the Province of Alberta.

Account Details

  • Account Fee: No charge
  • Minimum Monthly Balance: N/A
  • # of Free Debits / Month: 2
  • Per Item Debit Fee: $2.50 US (if over 2 free debits)
  • Interest Calculated: Daily on lowest daily balance (over $5,000 US)
  • Paper Statement: Unlimited; no charge
  • In-Branch Deposits: Unlimited; no charge
  • Deposit (any credit union): N/A
  • Inquiry (any credit union): N/A
  • Bill Payments (any credit union): N/A
  • Transfer (any credit union): N/A
  • Withdrawal (any credit union): N/A
  • Withdrawal (other financial institution): N/A
  • Withdrawal (international): N/A
  • AFT (Automated Funds Transfer): $2.50 (if over 2 free debits)
  • Cheque: $10.00; plus $2.50 (if over 2 free debits)
  • Direct Payment / Point of Sale Purchase: N/A
  • In-Branch Cash Withdrawal or Transfer: $2.50 (if over 2 free debits)
  • In-Branch Bill Payment: $1.50/bill, plus $2.50 (if over 2 free debits)
  • Online Bill Payments: N/A
  • Inquiries: Unlimited; No charge
  • Loan Payments: N/A
  • Transfers (Immediate, Scheduled, Recurring): N/A
  • Receive Interac e-Transfer®: N/A
  • Send Interac e-Transfer®: N/A
  • View Images of Cleared Cheques: Unlimited; No charge
  • eStatements: Unlimited; No charge
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