Member Card

When you join Encompass Credit Union, you’ll receive a Member Card® that has all the functionality of a debit card. It enables you to do everything from accessing your funds through ATMs, to paying for your purchases at local stores — all safely, easily and securely.


Member Card® Features


  • Access ATMS across Canada and internationally
  • Your accounts are protected by the PIN number you choose
  • Convenience of tap-to-pay Interac Flash for smaller purchases
  • Free buyer protection and extended warranty for purchases


If you lose your member card and need a replacement, you can obtain a new one by visiting your local branch.

Lost/Stolen Member Card debit card: Call 1-888-277-1043

* Encompass Credit Union commits to following the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services. Prepared by the Electronic Funds Transfer Working Group.

Member Card Protection and Extended Warranty

The program is simple! No forms to fill out, no applications and no extra cost!

  • Home or home based business purchases are protected
  • Up to $60,000 lifetime
  • Gifts (without recipient limitations)
  • No limits on valuables
  • Any Member Card Debit Card member is covered, not just Canadian residents
  • World-wide purchases, not just Canadian purchases
  • If you have a Member Card Debit Card, purchases made with a cheque drawn on the same account are also protected
Offers protection on the purchase of most retail items - including gifts! The item is protected for a full 90 days after the purchase, if it has been stolen, broken, or even consumed in a fire. Valid claims will be satisfied either by replacing the lost or damaged item, or by a cash payment not to exceed the amount of the total purchase price.
The warranty period of a purchased item is doubled up to one entire year, as long as the manufacturer's warranty is valid in Canada for five years or less.
If a merchant does not offer Interac Direct Payment, you can make a purchase using a cheque drawn on an insured account and receive the same protection for your purchase.
Items not covered include: cash, motorized vehicles, animals, and living plants.
Be sure to keep a copy of your transaction record, the merchant bill, and (for warranty claims) the manufacturer's warranty. Call 1-877-564-2847, ext. 6895 and a Claims Representative will assist you.
Lock 'n' Block to protect your Member Card
Lock’N'Block gives you the power to control and lock your Member Card in the event that it is lost, misplaced or stolen.
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