Interac e-Transfer®

Interac e-Transfer® offers you the convenience of texting or emailing money to friends and family almost instantly. It's the perfect solution if you need to split a bill in a restaurant, pay your portion of rent or bills or pay for services such as babysitting or housekeeping.


Interac e-Transfer Benefits


  • Convenient - Send or receive a money transfer from anywhere
  • Fast – No more stops to the ATM or waiting for cheques to clear
  • Affordable – Costs less than bank drafts or money orders
  • Secure – You choose the security question to protect your funds


Newer Features


  • Auto Deposit - The Auto Deposit feature allows you to have money sent via Interace-Transfer automatically deposited directly into your bank account, without having to answer a security question.


For more information about these new features, visit the Interac website. If you need a hand sending an Interac e-Transfer, as always, we’re standing by to help at your local branch.

INTERAC e-Transfer®

If you have an INTERAC e-Transfer profile already set up, just log in to Encompass' digital banking and you will be able send and receive e-Transfer transactions.
If you do not have an INTERAC e-Transfer profile created, go to ‘Transfers & Payments’ (on app tap the menu icon then select Transfers) and select ‘Interac e-Transfer.’
Click ‘Profile settings.’
You will be asked to confirm your information – name, email, mobile phone.
Click ‘Continue.’
Verify your details and click ‘Continue.’
Enter the one-time password you received at your mobile devices (text message) or email address.
Click ‘Continue.’
Go to ‘Transfers & Payments’ (on the app tap the menu icon then select Transfers) and select ‘Interac e-Transfer.’
Click ‘Manage contacts.’
Click ‘Add contact.’
Enter the name of the person you wish to add.
Enter email address/mobile phone number.
Select language preference – defaulted to English.
Select the notification method using the dropdown menu.
Enter the security question and the answer.
Re-enter the answer to the security question.
Click ‘Continue.’
Confirm the details of the contact added
Click ‘Continue.’
Enter the one-time password you received to your mobile phone (text message) or email address.
Click ‘Continue.’
Sending money by INTERAC e-Transfer® is quick and easy. First, you will need to set up a user profile and a recipient list. Once that is completed, you can now send an INTERAC e-Transfer transaction.
Go ‘Transfers & Payments’ and click ‘Interac e-Transfer.’
Click ‘Send money.’
Select the account you wish to send from.
Select contact from dropdown menu.
Create a security question that relates the contact will answer.
Enter the amount.
Add optional message.
Click ‘Continue.’
Confirm details.
Encompass Credit Union members can receive an INTERAC e-Transfer® transaction. Money received by email will be deposited directly into your personal or business Encompass Credit Union account.
Click or tap the link in the email or text notification indicating you have received a new INTERAC e-Transfer transaction.
Skip over 'Find your Financial Institution' as this will not populate Encompass Credit Union.
Select Province as 'Alberta' first, then credit union as 'Encompass Credit Union.'
Choose the Encompass Credit Union account into which you wish to deposit the money.
Log in to Digital Banking to deposit the funds.
You can cancel an INTERAC e-Transfer® transaction before it has been deposited by the recipient.
An Interac e-Transfer can only be cancelled if the status has changed to ‘Recipient Notified’, then you will have the option to cancel or resend the notice.
Log in to digital banking
Click ‘Transfers & Payments’ (on the app tap the Menu icon, then Transfers) and choose ‘pending INTERAC e-Transfer transactions.’
Find the transfer you wish to cancel and click the ‘cancel’ button
Choose the account in which to deposit the reclaimed funds
Click ‘continue’
Review your information and click ‘confirm’ to cancel the transfer
Login to Digital Banking
Select 'Transfers & Payments' from the navigation menu
Select 'Interac e-Transfer'
Click 'Autodeposit settings'
Click 'Add autodeposit'
Enter email address
Select an account from the dropdown
Check off the acknowledgment
Click 'Continue'
Confirm details
Click 'Continue'
Receive one-time pass code (OTP)
Enter the OTP
Click 'Continue'
Confirmation screen appears that is has been successfully added.
Receive notification from Interac to complete registration
Sign into digital banking to view e-Transfer limits.

Once you receive the notification, you have almost instant access to the money. Click the link that appears in your notification to log in to your online banking and follow the steps to access your funds.

Essentially, you’re not sending money by email or text message. Only the notification is sent by email or text message. The money always resides safely at a financial institution and is transferred through existing payment networks that financial institutions have used for years to settle cheques, bank machine deposits and withdrawals.

You will be charged a non-refundable fee of $1.50 for sending an Interac e-Transfer® (unless your account includes free e-Transfers).

Yes. In order to send or receive an Interac e-Transfer, you will need access to online banking at your financial institution. Want to get set up for Internet Banking on your Encompass Credit Union account? Simply contact your local branch and they'll get you started!

Currently, Interac e-Transfers are only available to those who bank at a Canadian financial institution and have a Canadian dollar account. You cannot deposit an e-Transfer into a foreign bank account.

There has been reports of members unable to send e-Transfers to individuals who have Autodeposit set up. If you are experiencing this issue, there is a work around in a few easy steps:

  1. Check the contact details for your recipient.
  2. If there is more than one contact type (email and Mobile phone), select edit and delete one.
  3. Ensure the notification method matches the contact type you selected in step 2.
  4. Try sending the e-Transfer again.

To illustrate, here are steps using email only: When logged into digital banking, navigate to Interac e-Transfer > Manage contacts > Edit contact > delete cell number > change notification method to email only > save changes.

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