Moving Checklist

Moving is exciting but it can also be stressful to keep track of everything you need to do. Use the general checklist below as a starting point to help you as you prepare to move or you can print off this fillable/printable version of our Moving Checklist.


  • Make an appointment with Encompass Credit Union to sign your mortgage, set up an account and transfer your funds from your previous financial institution.
  • Tour your house (including the attic, garage and storage shed) and decide what items should be discarded or donated to charity. Consider a garage sale.
  • If you plan to use a mover, contact your moving agent and request an accurate estimate of your moving charges. Remember local and long distance moves have peak periods so book early for discounts.
  • Begin to use up frozen food and staples. Buy only what will be used before moving.
  • If needed, make your travel reservations for the move - airline, hotel, rental car.
  • Arrange for transfer of records (eg. medical records, school records, etc). See PERSONAL CHECKLIST below.
  • Contact your current doctor, optometrist, and dentist for a referral to a new provider in your new community.
  • Notify utility and other service providers and arrange for service to be disconnected at your old home the day after you move and turned on at your new home a few days before you move in.

  • Notify Encompass Credit Union of your pending change of address.
  • Notify the post office, schools, insurance, and mail order accounts of your pending change of address. See PERSONAL CHECKLIST below.
  • Arrange for transportation of pets, including kennels. Check with the vet for a referral and your pet's records.
  • Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons - paint, matches, pressure cans, cleaning fluids, etc.
  • Set a date with a reliable service to prepare your appliances for the move.
  • Start preparing your plants for the move.
  • Return any borrowed items (eg: library books). Collect anything lent out, on layaway or out for repairs.



  • Take measurements and draw up a floor plan of your new home, indicating furniture placement. It makes moving twice as easy.
  • START packing if you have planned to do it yourself rather than hiring a moving company to pack for you.

  • Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials. Plan to carry any valuable documents, currency, and jewelry with you.
  • Drain water from any garden hoses and oil/fuel from your power mower and other machinery
  • Defrost and wipe the fridge and freezer dry 1-2 days before moving. Don't overlook the defrost water pan.
  • Prepare all of your appliances for the move.
  • Dismantle large power tools such as lathes, grinders, etc.
  • Prepare a list of first-minute items you will need upon arrival at your new home.
  • Verify the delivery address with your mover. Advise them where you can be reached. Make a final inspection of the house before leaving. Check all rooms and closets. Turn off the lights and lock up tight.



Change of Address Notifications

  House Insurance Encompass Credit Union •  Car Insurance
Magazines Stock Broker / Financial Advisor Vehicle Registration
Friends Credit Card Companies Relatives
Life Insurance Department Store Credit Cards Other Financial Institutions
Government (Old Age Security, Property Assessment, Canada Revenue Agency, Family Allowances, etc.)

Records to Transfer

Optometrist Records Medical Records School Records
Dentist Records Veterinarian Records
Associations (Notice of withdrawal from the association or transfer to the association in your new community)

Services to Cancel or Transfer

Newspaper Club Memberships Maid Service
Lawn / Snow Service Garbage Collection Nursery Service
Telephone / Cell Phone       Cable / Satellite / Internet       Diaper Service
Utility Services (Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewer)

Other Things You May Need to Consider

Church Legal Contracts               Lawyer
Library Union Accountant
Provincial Health Care / Blue Cross     Firearms / Hunting License

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