Interac Flash®

Interac Flash Interac Flash is a contactless method of using your Member Card® debit card to pay for everday purchases just by holding your card in front of the debit card reader at the checkout. It's quick, convenient and secure.

You can use Interac Flash at any terminal that displays the Flash logo. Interac Flash is designed for purchases under $100. Once your cumulative purchases reach $200, you will need to insert your card and enter your PIN to reset your limit. (Note: some merchants may have their own limits set that differ from these standard limits).



  • TRANSACTION LIMITS: There are limits on single transactions as well as cumulative spending limits which, once they are exceeded, you will need to insert your card and enter your PIN to confirm that you are authorized to use the card.
  • EMV SECURE CHIP: The data on your card is stored on an EMV secured chip which protects you from fraudulent activities such as skimming and electronic pickpocketing.
  • TERMINAL PROXIMITY: Your card must be less than 4 cm away from the terminal in order for a transaction payment to be initiated so terminals won't accidentally pick up your card's signal when it is in your purse or your pocket.
  • REAL - TIME TRANSACTIONS: Transactions occur in real time and so any fraud can be caught quickly. The card must be physically present to complete a transaction; the card number alone is not sufficient.

For more information about Interac Flash, visit the Interac Flash website.

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