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Whether you're traveling for business or are planning the perfect vacation, we can help! At Encompass Credit Union, we are always working to be able to help you in all stages and aspects of your life and that includes travel.


Travel Insurance protects you in case of emergency hospital and medical expenses while you're away from home. It's an inexpensive and easy way to ensure you have the best trip possible, even when things don't go as planned.

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Planning a trip? Want to cut down on the hassle when you arrive by bringing the local currency with you? US currency is available at all our branch locations at any time and, with advance notice, most foreign currencies can be ordered for you.* Please allow yourself a three week time frame to request and receive your foreign currency. Check out our Foreign Exchange Calculator for more information on current exchange rates.

*There is a small fee for this service.



** Always make sure to take multiple payment methods when you go on vacation.

Nothing provides peace of mind when you travel quite like knowing you have a credit card in your wallet. Whether you use it to pay for hotel rooms and flights or simply rely on it if something unexpected happens, travel is easier with a credit card.

At Encompass Credit Union, we offer a wide variety of credit cards so it's easy to find one that suits you and your needs.

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** Always make sure to take multiple payment methods when you go on vacation.

You can absolutely use your Member Card® debit card in other countries. Just look for an ATM with symbols that match the ones on the back of your card. Please also be aware that there are fees for using your card in foreign ATMs and the foreign exchange rates for that day will apply so plan your withdrawals carefully.



Have you found that perfect vacation at the perfect price but you just don't have the funds saved up yet? No problem! Come on in and talk to one of our exceptional lenders about a small vacation loan. You never have to miss out on a great vacation opportunity again.

Are you saving for that next big vacation but finding it hard not to spend the money on other things? Why not come in and talk to our exceptional staff about opening a vacation savings account?

Our Savings Accounts don't have any monthly account fees and your money will earn interest while you're saving! You can even set up a regular pre-authorized transfer from your chequing account to help you stick to a savings plan and ensure you have the money when it's time to take that dream vacation.

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We've provided a few tips to help take care of the financial matters so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

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