Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking allows you to see your account balance or your 5 most recent transactions from your Internet Banking right on your cell phone. Waiting in line at the store and want to make sure you have enough in your account to cover your purchase? Can't remember the balance in your account? With Mobile Banking, your balance is just a text message away.

Mobile Banking

How can you benefit?

  • The information you need is just a quick text message away... it takes mere seconds!
  • It's so convenient. All you need is a cell phone with texting capability and you're ready to go... no matter where you are.
  • Mobile Banking is secure as it only provides your account balance and 5 most recent transactions. If you lose your cell phone, anyone who finds it can only access that information. They are not able to perform transactions on your account and they can't even see your account numbers.

If keeping track of your account balances is not your favourite task or you are simply too busy, just relax. Check your balance on your smartphone and spend time on things that matter!

How do you use it?

Just sign into your Internet Banking and click on 'Account Services' to get started with Mobile Banking.




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