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Our mission is to provide value to our members and communities. Our actions and participation in conversations are formed with this in mind. We aim to be relevant, transparent, and committed to developing conversations that are both insightful and engaging.

We uphold a high degree of respect and integrity in all of our interactions, and we ask the same from you. We invite you to openly engage in respectful conversations that encourage participation from anyone who would like to provide insight. We ask you to be guided by your own integrity and code of conduct; as we abide by ours.

We cannot tolerate inappropriate online behaviour or language, or any actions we consider to be damaging to ourselves or to others. We reserve the right to monitor and remove inappropriate comments at our own discretion. Such contributors would be blocked from our page and comments of this nature would be removed.

We do look forward to engaging with you in a responsible and respectful manner.


Encompass Credit Union will provide value through social media. Through our interactions in online conversations, we promise to remain relevant and committed to maintaining and developing our relationship with you. Our aim is to be involved in constructive communication that will provide you with valid information on topics that are both interesting and important to you.

Being a strong and active part of your community is important to us. Our employees are passionate and committed to the communities they call home, and our credit union, along with our employees, support the areas we serve. As an extension of our community involvement, we want to share our support with you through social media and grow our online community.

As a credit union, we developed simple guidelines for our employees as they interact and promote our credit union. Our employees are trusted to represent Encompass Credit Union in a manner that always protects the privacy of our members. We trust them to always hold this credit union in professional regard when engaging in any conversations. Your personal and financial information will never be discussed online; we will always direct you to your branch to engage in conversations of that nature.

We're excited about the opportunity to develop and contribute to conversations. It is our hope that we can provide you with relevant and insightful information. We look forward to engaging with you in a responsible and respectful manner.



  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency about who we are and what we stand for
  • Credibility of content; accuracy and validity
  • Adding value to the conversation by advancing the dialogue in a constructive and meaningful way. Our mission is not to sell products but to help grow our relationship through honesty and trust. We believe social media is a relationship, not a sales vehicle.
  • Respect and consideration for the opinions and positions of others.
  • Professionalism
  • Reviewing commentary & responses to questions to ensure the accuracy of information, provide guidance and ensure that conversation is respectful.
  • Appropriately dealing with derogatory or defamatory posts that do not respect the rights of others or the integrity of Encompass Credit Union. We will not tolerate inappropriate language, intimidation, harassment, demeaning comments, spam or any actions that we consider to be damaging to us or to others.
  • Protecting personal information. Names and photos of individuals will not be released, with the exception of winners of online contests (who by their very participation agree to same) and those who have provided consent to release for media related purposes.
  • Upholding and adhering to compliance laws and regulatory measures governing the credit union.
  • Holding all commenters responsible for their involvement in conversations. Submitting a comment through any social media channel, you agree that the content is your own, and to take responsibility for the actions or discussions that may result.

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