eStatements are available for your business accounts. By signing up for eStatements, you can view an electronic copy of your current or previous account statements at any time within the layered security of our Internet Banking. And the best part is that it's absolutely FREE! eStatements


  • You can view your eStatements anywhere and at any time that you can access your Internet Banking. Why wait for mail? Just look online.
  • eStatements are protected by the same safeguards that protect your online banking and so your confidential account information is well protected.
  • You no longer need to worry about securely filing or shredding your paper statements... you can look at them online at any time. Now you can spend time on things that matter!
  • Reducing our paper statements means that we reduce our impact on the environment... it saves paper, water, gasoline and reduces greenhouse gases.
  • FREE! FREE! FREE! eStatements are absolutely FREE!

You can access your all-in-one eStatements through Internet Banking and they will also include the images of any cheques that have cleared your account in that statement period.

Business account statements are produced every month at month end.

If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating your paper statement(s) and access your account information electronically instead, simply ask one of our exceptional staff!


Go Green ELOS


By suppressing just 12,000 statements a year, we can conserve the following resources:

  • Paper: 1,828 kg of paper saved
  • Water: 145,572 L of wastewater prevented from discharging into lakes, streams and rivers
  • Gasoline: 4,934 L of gas saved by not mailing your bills, statements and payments
  • Greenhouse Gases: 31,970 kg of greenhouse gases avoided.

This amount of greenhouse gas is the equivalent of:

  • 114,075 km not driven in your car
  • 821 trees planted (and grown for 10 years)
  • 12, 545 square feet of forest preserved from deforestation

* data obtained from

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